Facebook isn’t a replacement for having your own properly designed and configured website, but setting up a Facebook page has become an essential part of the web strategy for every local New Hampshire business.

Because Facebook attracts so many users every day, it’s a great way to maintain contact with your customers when you can’t talk with them face-to-face. Additionally, Facebook is a great way to announce exclusive specials, run contests and promotions, and schedule events.

Create Your Facebook Page

To start the Facebook page for your local business, you’ll need a personal Facebook account, but don’t worry, your personal and business pages will always remain separate. Here’s how to build your business Facebook page…

First, surf on over to this link. Here, you’ll choose the type of business that most closely represents you.


Next, you’ll want to add basic information about your business. Complete the “About” section and upload a profile photo. We recommend using a recognizable logo for your profile picture — you can always add photos of happy customers browsing through your shop later.

Grow Your Facebook Community

Now you can post to your timeline. Research shows that posts with photos and links to other media generate the most activity, so start there.

A few customers will find your new Facebook page by searching for you, but we’ve found it’s more effective to directly invite users to Like or Follow your business. They’ll be rewarded when you offer exclusive deals to Facebook followers, but that’s a subject for a future post!

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