Keeping your web presence under control can seem impossible, but it’s critical for online success! Here are a few tips and tricks that can help.

Google Alerts (~2 minutes)

Google monitors the entire web to make it searchable and (believe it or not!) they offer a free service that automatically alerts you whenever your business shows up online. Simply surf on over to Google Alerts and enter search term(s) related to your local business.


Sample results are displayed so you can adjust your search if needed. Click “Create Alert” and new/updated results will appear in your email box as Google detects them.

Get Your News Delivered (~8 minutes)

RSS feed readers allow you to quickly scan news and articles directly related to your business. Our favorite RSS reader is Feedly because the interface is clean, easy to read, and it’s freely available on every platform you can think of.


Subscribe to content related to your customer’s interests. For example, if you sell/rent outdoor equipment, you might subscribe to popular gear reviews (like OutdoorGearLab News), hiking and climbing blogs (such as Appalachian Trials), or even camping magazines (perhaps Backpacker Magazine). Content is automatically delivered to your reader, making it ideal for you to quickly scan and post items to your various social media accounts.

Engage Your Customers Directly (~5 minutes)

Spend the remaining five minutes talking with people on your social media channels. Post an interesting news item from your reader to Facebook, add a funny or insightful comment to an existing thread (even if it doesn’t relate directly to your business), or create a daily deal incentive for your customers.

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