As we’ve discussed in recent posts, modern search engine technology has become extremely sophisticated. Search engines like Google and Bing are now able to read your website and develop a broad understanding of your business. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for your New Hampshire business website.

Content Associations

2015 Toyota TundraIf written properly, the content on your website should naturally express strong associations to things in the real world. For example, as Toyota describes products on their website, the keyword “Toyota” will become associated with cars and trucks. This should be a natural outcome of good marketing copy and requires that the text features related mentions of “Toyota” and “cars”.

As more web content relating to your business is created, these keyword associations will become stronger and stronger. If Toyota were to suddenly start selling chainsaws, it would take quite a bit of work before search engines associated “Toyota” with “chainsaw” and served results accordingly.

Keyword Intent

Cold Weather CampingIn addition to detecting keyword associations across the accessible web, search engines are now able to determine the intent behind content wording. For example, “Where can I buy a Toyota chainsaw?” is understood to have a different intent when compared to “How do I buy a Toyota chainsaw?” and “What is the safest way to use a Toyota chainsaw?”.

A site providing information about cold-weather camping may be relevant to searches involving winter tent camping, New England camping, and camping in the White Mountains. Alternatively, a site providing information about places to camp in the White Mountains may be less likely to produce relevant search results for queries about how to camp in cold weather.

What This Means To You…

As you craft copy across the web, be sure the keyword associations you build are designed to attract the right kind of visitor to your website. Look for opportunities to reinforce the context around your chosen keywords and proof web copy to ensure your keywords are consistently aligned with your intent.

Keywords are critical to effective SEO, but it’s the broader context and meaning behind them that will earn your New Hampshire business website the highest search engine rankings.

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