[schema type=”person” name=”Greg Wilder” orgname=”Wicked Good Web” url=”https://wickedgoodweb.com” description=”Greg Wilder is a composer, music sci­en­tist and entrepreneur, whose innovations have resulted in patents and a music analysis plat­form in use by lead­ing com­pa­nies in the music industry. A conservatory-trained composer/pianist, Dr. Wilder has collaborated with choreographers, filmmakers, theater directors and animators around the globe as composer, sound designer and audio engineer.” bday=”1973-04-20″ state=”NH” country=”US” ][schema type=”person” name=”Alison Wilder” orgname=”Wicked Good Web” url=”https://wickedgoodweb.com” description=”Alison Wilder (née Conard) is an artist working in digital media whose work explores the coalescence of sound and story. Her broad range of experiences includes PhD studies in music cognition at McGill University in Montréal, years spent writing for, performing with and producing the art-rock band Voodoo Economics, and marrying acousmatic music with moving images. She incorporates research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and cultural studies to create works infused with a deeply personal connection to the human endeavor on a grand scale.” bday=”1981-08-19″ state=”NH” country=”US” ]
Greg Alison and Zorro

Our Story

Sitting together in a Brooklyn office, Greg and Alison Wilder looked at each other and asked, “If you could be anywhere, where would it be?” The answer came simultaneously… “Living on the side of a mountain.” And that was that. Since 2015, they’ve been working with businesses across Northern New England to transform their digital strategies by taking full advantage of today’s possibilities in data mining and analysis.

In addition to our web work, we’re both active artists with years of diverse experience as programmers and entrepreneurs, both commercial and nonprofit.

We do beautiful work at reasonable rates.
We’re friendly, patient, and deeply knowledgeable.
We’re also pretty fun to work with.